Combo Set for Nursery Students (3-4 years) with SmartSpeak Reader

Kids at this age: Explore the world through their sense. Recognize & explore new objects, pictures & sounds; Enjoy looking at the listening to a book; Is able to pay attention to different sound. Highlights of this stage include language development and using an increasing number of words and phrases.

This set includes the following 8 books (With Reader Device):-

  • English alphabet Reading Book
  • English alphabet capital letter Writing
  • World Around Me
  • Number Recognition 1-20
  • Rhymes & Stories – Level 1
  • The Little Artist – Level 1
  • Akshar Parichay
  • Akshar Rachna
Smartspeak Reader
Educational Pen , SmartSpeak Reader with One year warranty.
  • Portable & Easy to handle
  • No harmful radiations
  • Infuses life into the books
  • Makes the talking images & characters alive
  • Reads out words & text making the books interactive
  • Provides Hand-eye-coordination
  • Smart Reader is an One time investment, as it works on all age group book Sets of T3. So buy this once and then you have to buy only books