Combo Set for UKG Students(5-6 years) with SmartSpeak Reader

Kids at this age: Apply foundational skills to tackle new challenges such as reading, writing and formal mathematics. Are in the process of building essential mathematics and reasoning skills that contribute to future academic success. Must be fed by experiences that stimulate their interest in the world around them in order to satisfy their curiosities.

This set includes the following 9 books ( With Reader Device):-

  • English Primer:-
  • English Small & capital Letter 
  • World Around Me 
  • Rhymes & Stories 
  • The Little Artist 
  • Maths Primer
  • Maths Number Recognition 1-100
  • Swar Gyan
  • Swar Rachna
Smartspeak Reader
Educational Pen , SmartSpeak Reader with One year warranty.
  • Portable & Easy to handle
  • No harmful radiations
  • Infuses life into the books
  • Makes the talking images & characters alive
  • Reads out words & text making the books interactive
  • Provides Hand-eye-coordination
  • Smart Reader is an One time investment, as it works on all age group book Sets of T3. So buy this once and then you have to buy only books