Combo Set for Basic Activity Pack(2-8 years) with SmartSpeak Reader

This is a comprehensive book set, which includes conceptual learning & numerous skill development aspects essential for age group 2 yrs to 8 yrs. This combo pack is full of surprises; stories, rhymes, words, vocabularies, games, activities, riddles, and much more, all in 10 regional languages in addition to Hindi & English

This set includes the following 16 books (With Reader Device):-

  • ABC – English alphabet book
  • Story land vol-1
  • Story land vol-2
  • Fun with rhymes
  • Vocabulary book-1 (150 + words)
  • Vocabulary book-2 (200 +words )
  • Vocabulary book-3 (200 +words )
  • Hindi ka kha gha 
  • Aao Gungunayen
  • Suno kahani vol-1
  • Suno kahani vol-2
  • Maths for kids vol-1
  • Maths for kids vol-2
  • Foreign language
  • Music album
  • Story album
Smartspeak Reader
Educational Pen , SmartSpeak Reader with One year warranty.
  • Portable & Easy to handle
  • No harmful radiations
  • Infuses life into the books
  • Makes the talking images & characters alive
  • Reads out words & text making the books interactive
  • Provides Hand-eye-coordination
  • Smart Reader is an One time investment, as it works on all age group book Sets of T3. So buy this once and then you have to buy only books